ALCiE Édition PME

(NB: le texte est en anglais)

ALCiE SME is a versatile package of financial and operational modules designed for small to mid-sized businesses in almost any industry.

The ALCiE SME basic package offers:

  • Accounting modules to help you manage your company's financials.
  • Distribution modules to conduct operations in Order Processing, Inventory, Purchasing and Assembling products.
  • Project modules to perform service-oriented tasks as billable and/or non-billable work.

Modules can be selected and implemented according to your needs.

Furthermore, there are several optional packages available. These are packets of programs that enhance ALCIE SME. They include: GL Allocations, Recurring Transaction Processing, Accessory and Substitute Inventory, Purchase Requisitions, Lot/Serial Number Tracking, Sales Analysis Reports, and many other reports. These packages can be individually selected to fit the specific business needs of your company.

ALCiE SME is typically used by companies that have 5 to 20 users on the system. It is a scalable solution for any growing small/medium sized business.

Whether upgrading from ALCiE SBE or upgrading to ALCiE Enterprise Edition the migration path is a simple one with ALCiE products. The reason: all ALCiE Editions are built on an identical core that includes the same relational database and the same application interface. No costly migration, no loss of information.

ALCiE, with its many benefits, is an ideal software solution for your growing business.