Expediting Supply Chain processing through Automation

ALCiE Lumber Supply Chain Suite™ combines the power of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in software specifically designed for lumber resellers. It allows businesses to minimize administration time and labor costs for their Supply Chain functions and maximize processing efficiency.

"With ALCIE we can now handle our daily operations without having to manually reproduce all the paperwork multiple times for each order, as we go through the process of taking a Sales Order, placing one or more Purchase Orders, creating Export & Shipping documents and Invoices."

Southmark Forest Products Inc.

ALCiE optimizes Wood Products Sales Order Management, Purchasing, Order Fulfillment, Quotations and CRM. It enables Purchase Orders to be auto-generated from Sales Orders, Quotations to generate Sales Orders, and uses Customer historical data to auto-generate Quotes. Customer and Vendor accounts have integrated Contact Management, and multi-location Inventory processing is integrated throughout.

ALCiE Sales Orders

  • Provides specialized processing for Wood Product Sales.
  • Auto-generates purchase requisitions for outsourced products.
  • Maintains on-hand and reserved inventory in real-time.

ALCiE Quotations

  • Create and manage Quotes for Lumber Sales Orders.
  • Auto-create Quotes using customer historical data.
  • Convert Quotes into Sales Orders and then Invoices.

ALCiE Purchase Orders

  • Provides flexible Purchase Requisition Entry.
  • PO Receipts integrated with Order Fulfillment.
  • Maintains on-hand and on-order inventory in real-time.

ALCiE Business Analytics (CRM)

  • Provides Business Analytics using customer and product sales history.
  • Identifies top performing customers and products.
  • Integrates Contact Management with customer & vendor accounts for business development.

ALCiE Inventory Management

  • Provides Lot tracking, including Cost/Unit by Lot for each item and length in stock.
  • Includes automated distribution of inventory costs (e.g. storage fees, insurance, etc.).
  • Industry-specific categorizations (species, market, etc.).

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