ALCiE Enterprise Edition

ALCiE Enterprise Edition provides the versatility, flexibility and power of large-scale enterprise resource planning (ERP) software - at a fraction of the cost of competing systems.

Designed to help increase your business's efficiency, while reducing its processing complexity, ALCiE Enterprise Edition is ideally suited to be configured as a best-fit solution to your company's business needs.

Easily manage multiple companies, multiple currencies, a multiplicity of user requirements, and a multitude of transactions - all in an integrated and open, yet controlled, environment.

If you are part of a growing mid-sized company that is looking to improve and increase its information handling capacity, without breaking the budget, then ALCiE Enterprise Edition is right for you.

With the ability to serve a variety of industries, ALCiE Enterprise Edition applications are available as integrated suites: Financial Suite, Distribution Suite, Membership Distribution Management Suite, Projects Suite, Manufacturing Suite, and Asset Maintenance Suite.