About ALCiE Integrated Solutions

ALCiE Integrated Solutions Inc. (A.I.S.) is an organization dedicated to developing the family of ALCiE modules, as well as providing complete and integrated solution services. It has inherited Computertime Network Corporation's legacy and espoused a mission to deliver business software solutions built on dependable, leading-edge technologies.

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The organization has developed, installed and supported both packaged off-the-shelf and custom business applications continuously for the past twenty years. Among the list of numerous clients, past and present, large and small, are recognizable names such as BCE, Boeing, Cort Furniture, Dicom, Honda, Shaws Supermarket, and Shell Oil.

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The parent company of ALCiE was one of the earliest adopters of SQL relational databases, recognizing early on their potential benefits and importance in enabling more powerful, flexible and productive business software. This led the company in 1981 to become one of Oracle's first partners, and for some ten years to set up and operate a division dedicated solely to Oracle database and technology sales, training, support and consulting. This separate corporate division was responsible for servicing approximately 10% of the North American Oracle marketplace.

A.I.S. ALCiE business application solutions personify the company's reputation as an enterprise application provider and demonstrate the organization's expertise in leading-edge relational database technology.

ALCiE business applications are built 100% on top of Oracle technology and can therefore evolve to automatically take advantage of new technological advances with almost insignificant effort as compared to most other solutions. An example of this is the newest native world-wide web ALCiE version which uses the identical code base as previous releases.

A.I.S. professionals are committed to understanding your business so that products and services can be selected, configured, delivered and supported to match your organization's own particular needs and circumstances.

This commitment to delivering complete and integrated solutions is shared by A.I.S. teams of business specialists, application developers and technology experts - a commitment built on a foundation of many years of experience and knowledge.

Commitment to your success through powerful, functionally robust, flexible, and affordable enterprise business & accounting applications coupled with the highest expertise and service.