ALCiE Best-Fit Solutions


A company whose operation includes unique or specific business processes needs business software that reflects this reality, to help it achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability.


There are important reasons why businesses have software solutions built to certain specifications. Essentially, they are the same reasons why professional athletes have their equipment made to their specifications: for better performance, greater efficiency, and increased competitive advantage. That's a winning combination.


Investing in a best-fit solution can yield large, recurring returns. If you were given the choice of investing a one-time amount of $15K for a return of $330K in additional annual revenues - as was the case for our customer - yielding an astounding ROI (return on investment) of 2200% - would you go for such an investment?

This is just one example of ALCiE Best-Fit enterprise solutions at work. Below are other examples.


In another project that involved best-fit and interfacing/integration features, we created an application to help a sales department make use of particular data mining capabilities to automatically generate bulk quotations during a marketing campaign, and to upload these quotations to a popular campaign management application.

This solution enables the organization to intuitively offer its customers the products they want, based on previous sales, resulting in recurring sales of the same products and up-selling of related products.


Yet another example of a specialized solution involved the embedding of a third-party software's General Ledger Account segments into ALCiE Inventory Management and Purchasing modules, which was a solution where ALCiE Software Interfaces with Oracle Financials Software.


Often times, ALCiE users operate within regulated industries that require specific functionality (e.g. excise taxes on products) or must adhere to specific policies (e.g. approval-based purchasing process flow). In such cases, it is important that the organization's IT sustains and extends the organization's strategies and objectives; and an advantageous way to accomplish this is to implement a best-fit software solution.