ALCiE Sourcing and Multi-Level Approval

Part of the ALCiE Procurement Management and Distribution product lines.

This module interacts with the ALCiE Purchase Order to add full sourcing and multi-level approval functionality.

It facilitates purchase requests, allows single or multiple authorizations to purchase, and provides Request For Quote and Vendor Response Evaluation functions.

Partial list of standard features:

  • Unlimited Approval with capabilities to allow user to pre-define the approval chain in Requisition Entry.
  • Unlimited Vendor assignments in Requisition Entry for vendor sourcing suggestions.
  • Sole Sourcing Requisition support.
  • Tender-based Requisition support.
  • Automated Approval screen with Requisition Return, Reject, Approve and Release functions.
  • Requisition Review screen with Return capabilities for Final Approval before sourcing.
  • RFQ processing with Vendor Selection, Response recording, Evaluations and Awarding functionality.
  • Vendor Selection and Purchase Order Generation functions combined for streamlined Purchasing functions.
  • Integrated workflow with email notification for Approval, Sourcing and Purchasing personnel.
  • Inquiry screens available for Open Requisitions, Approvals, Requisition History, Requisition Details.