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Sourcing & Multi-Level Approval interacts with Purchase Order to add comprehensive sourcing functionality to the procurement process.

It facilitates purchase requests, uses single or multiple authorizations to purchase, and provides Request For Quote and Vendor Response Evaluation functions.

It maintains a detailed history of each phase of the purchase request - from initial creation to award or cancellation - to support any compliance requirements that exist within the organization.

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- Partial list of features:

  • Unlimited Approval with capabilities to allow user to pre-define the approval chain in Requisition Entry.
  • Unlimited Vendor assignments in Requisition Entry for vendor sourcing suggestions.
  • Provides for Sole Sourcing and Tender-based purchase requests.
  • Automated Approval screen with Requisition Approval and Release, or Return / Reject functions.
  • Requisition Review screen, which includes Return capabilities, for final approval before sourcing.
  • Request for Quote (RFQ) processing with Vendor Selection, Response recording, Evaluations and Awarding functionality.
  • Vendor Selection and Purchase Order Generation functions combined for streamlined Purchasing functions.
  • Integrated workflow with email notification for Approval, Sourcing and Purchasing personnel.
  • Inquiry screens available for Open Requisitions, Approvals, Requisition History, Requisition Details.

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