ALCiE Édition Petite Entreprise

(NB: le texte est en anglais)

ALCiE SBE is a premier small business solution that is bundled with a free ORACLE database.

ALCiE SBE is ideally suited for startups and small businesses that need a quickly-implemented business solution. It is pre-loaded and pre-configured, enabling it to be installed and ready to run in as little as 30 minutes.

Small businesses that buy and sell products can benefit from ALCiE SBE's basic accounting, inventory, sales orders, and purchasing applications.

Small service-oriented companies can simply use the basic accounting software in ALCiE SBE, which includes an invoicing application within the Accounts Receivable module.

The standard ALCiE SBE package is delivered with a single-user license. However, like all ALCiE products, it is a true multi-user system. ALCiE SBE can be licensed for up to 4 users.

Most importantly, when a growing business that is using ALCiE SBE needs additional applications and users, the move to ALCiE SME is virtually seamless. The reason: all ALCiE Editions are built on an identical core that includes the same relational database and the same application interface. No costly migration, no loss of information.

ALCiE SBE is a premier software solution for your business.