ALCiE Project Billing

Part of the ALCiE Project Management product line.

The Project Billing system collects billable and non-billable costs. These costs are captured directly from within the Project Management module, as well as from other external ALCiE modules such as General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order and Inventory Management. The Project Billing system also prepares bills and prints invoices for billable projects assigned to clients based on the costs incurred and recorded. Both billable and non-billable project Work Codes can be assigned to a project. All project costs can be automatically transferred to the ALCiE General Ledger module. Invoices can be automatically posted to the ALCiE Accounts Receivable Module.

Partial list of standard features:

  • PreBill Report
  • Billing Edit List
  • Print and Reprint Invoices at any time
  • Show Billable and Unbillable hours
  • Show both Reimbursable & Non-Reimbursable Expenses