ALCiE Procurement Management

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ALCiE Procurement Management is designed to help organizations implement business processes that promote efficient, timely and disciplined procurement practices - saving them money year after year.

Sourcing and Multi-Level Approval functionality facilitates purchase requests, allows single or multiple authorizations to purchase, and provides Request For Quote and Vendor Response Evaluation functions.

Purchasing seamlessly takes over from Sourcing via automatic generation of Purchase Orders that can be issued electronically, and receipted accurately in real-time.

Accounts Payable completes the Purchasing cycle, by enabling the matching of Vendor invoices against PO receipts, assisting in payment planning, and providing EFT payment processing.

Inventory Management has "the goods" when it comes to real-time and accurate tracking of on-hand and on-order quantities, across multiple warehouses and stocking locations.

Replenishment provides a degree of automation for inventory repurchases based on various methods, such as Economic Order Quantity or minimum on-hand quantity.