ALCiE Payroll

ALCiE Payroll is fully integrated with all ALCIE Editions, and is available as a standalone application.

ALCIE Payroll simplifies payroll administration, automates payroll tasks, and ensures accurate and complete payroll data.

ALCIE's payroll management software solution includes automated salary payroll generation, simplified timesheet workflow, automated tax calculations at all levels (Federal, State, Local, School District), and integrated posting to the General Ledger.

This software is ideally suited to manage payroll for: multiple companies; multi-departmental companies; and multi-State workforces.

Partial list of standard features:

  • Automatically calculate and process Employee Withholdings: Federal, State, Local & School District income taxes; Medicare tax; Social Security tax
  • Automatically calculate and process Employer Contributions: Federal & State Unemployment taxes; State Disability tax; Medicare tax; Social Security tax
  • Run payroll for a variety of pay frequencies (e.g. daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, etc.)
  • Automatically generate payroll transactions for Salaried employees
  • Process timesheets for Hourly employees
  • Specify hours worked in multiple departments
  • Automatically calculate payroll for a variety of pay rates (Regular, Overtime, and Shift) and pay scales (Position, Grade, and Percentage increment)
  • Automatically calculate specific earnings, deductions and benefits per employee, per department, or company-wide
  • Automatically calculate and track earned / used vacation days
  • Automatically calculate and track earned / used sick days
  • Re-calculate payroll as many times as desired, i.e. without duplication
  • Produce any number of paychecks in the same period per employee
  • Set up earnings, deductions and benefits per employee, per department, or company-wide
  • Set up specific Additional tax, Flat tax or Percentage tax amounts per employee
  • Set up multiple payroll bank accounts
  • Set up unlimited contacts (emergency and other) per Employee
  • Maintain multiple tax tables with effective dates for Federal, State, Local and District levels
  • Retain a complete and unlimited history of payroll transactions
  • Associate an unlimited number of supporting e-documents, notes and images attached to: employee profiles; timesheets; payroll transactions; specific earnings / deductions
  • Issue pay using electronic funds transfers and direct deposits
  • Produce paychecks with digital signatures
  • Implement division of duties/responsibilities for timesheet processing, payroll transaction generation and authorization, paycheck processing, and payroll posting to the General Ledger