ALCiE PESTLE Management

Part of the ALCiE Financials, Distribution and Project Management product lines.

Managers can use ALCiE PESTLE to analyze a wide range of subjects, including products, projects, suppliers, customers, prospects, and employees. The results of PESTLE analyses - in combination with SWOT analyses - enable Managers to create plans and execute strategies that are designed to improve specific aspects of their organization, such as increased market share, higher profitability, greater efficiency, etc.

ALCiE PESTLE Management software solutions can be configured to the customer's needs. If a customer requires any subset of ALCiE PESTLE, then it will be selectively implemented in their solution. For example, some may choose to implement the traditional PEST Analysis.

Partial list of standard features:

  • Using pre-defined repositories, easily compile and organize Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Legal and Environmental information on subjects.
  • Save analyses information in a secure, centralized PESTLE depository.
  • PESTLE Analyses information is instantly available and shareable.
  • Attach an unlimited number of supporting e-documents to any PESTLE analysis record.
  • Store annotations, commentaries, conclusions and recommendations to any PESTLE analysis record.
  • Retain a complete history of all versions and revisions of PESTLE analyses.
  • Consult historical PESTLE analyses utilizing predefined inquiries and reports.

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