ALCiE Inventory Management

Part of the ALCiE Distribution, Membership Distribution Management, Procurement Management, Project Management, and Asset Maintenance product lines.

ALCiE's multi-warehouse Inventory Management provides enterprise-wide inventory control including full inventory receipts, issues, transfers, physical cycle counts and ABC analysis. The Inventory module services all ALCiE Distribution and Manufacturing modules, as well as the Project Management module. ALCiE Inventory Management automatically integrates with General Ledger, Order Entry, Automated Distribution, Purchase Order and Expense Requisitioning, Accounts Payable, Project Management, Bill of Materials, Manufacturing and Quoting & Estimating.

Partial list of standard features:

  • Virtually unlimited stocking locations.
  • Unlimited units or measure with automatic conversion at receiving and shipping time.
  • Physical cycle count processing including freeze function, cycle codes, and tag controls.
  • Unlimited number of vendors per item.
  • Lot and serial number tracking capability.
  • Hazardous Material classifications.
  • Subscription item classification and processing (requires ALCiE Bulk Distribution module).
  • Extensive Price Rule management (requires ALCiE Order Processing module).
  • Virtually unlimited substitute items.
  • Virtually unlimited accessories or options per item.
  • Virtually unlimited item comments.
  • Stock transfer capability with in-transit tracking and reporting.
  • ABC analysis report.
  • Indefinite retention of stock issue, transfer and receipt history.
  • Comprehensive Item master table.
  • Inventory query by bill of material components or where used.
  • Inventory stock status query by location and in total.
  • Allows manual posting of receipt, issue, and adjustment transactions with real-time inventory posting.
  • Retains transaction details for reporting purposes.
  • Interfaces to ALCiE General Ledger, Job Cost, Shop Floor, Quoting/Estimating, Order Entry, Bulk Distribution, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order, Bill of Materials and Project Management.
  • Assembly processing with or without optional interface to Bill of Materials.
  • Product Category validation with default general ledger accounts by category.
  • Inventory reclassification.
  • Inventory valuation reporting.
  • Stock status reporting by location.
  • Usage exception reporting.
  • History quantity override for stock with exceptional usage.
  • Inventory Management Replenishment Sub-Module (optional).
  • Automatic calculation of order controls, including order point, line point, safety stock and usage.
  • Automatic generation of purchase orders based on review cycle and line points.
  • Replenishment action report.
  • Automatic freeze of order control calculations if exceptional usage, high or low occurs.
  • Lead time exception report.
  • Calculation of vendor review cycle.
  • General search look-up screens attached to virtually all data-entry fields.