ALCiE Fixed Assets

Part of the ALCiE Financials and Asset Maintenance product lines.

ALCiE Fixed Assets module provides enterprise-wide tracking of corporate assets and additions including all acquisitions, transfers and disposals. Extensive depreciation methods and schedules can be applied to any asset or individual asset addition. ALCiE Fixed Assets automatically integrates with General Ledger with full cost-center support. Journal entries are automatically created for all depreciation, transfers and disposal / write-offs.

Partial list of standard features:

  • Supports the following depreciation methods, with any applicable parameters:
  Straight-line   ACRS
  Declining Balance   Modified ACRS
  Sum-of-the-Year's Digits   Double Declining
  • Provides up to three independent depreciation methods and calculations for each asset:
  Book   Tax
  Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)  
  • Provides for virtually unlimited Asset additions. Each addition can be individually depreciated according to its own methods and schedules.
  • Depreciation calculations can be re-run for a period before posting.
  • Depreciation may automatically switch to straight line at optimum time.
  • Maintains detailed depreciation information by asset / addition and period.
  • Depreciation, Disposals, Write-offs and Transfers automatically create appropriate General Ledger journal entries.
  • Provides for transfer of asset additions to other assets or conversion into a separate asset and prepares appropriate adjusting journal entries as required.
  • Ability to specify all asset, expense and gain/loss general ledger accounts by Asset class or by individual Asset.
  • Asset cost-center structure fully integrated with general ledger account structure.
  • Tracks asset transfers to different locations, classes, groups, types, subtypes, and cost-centers.
  • Allows assets to be grouped by classes, cost-centers and user-defined categories such as groups, types, and subtypes.
  • Yearly Expense Report for tax accounting records.
  • Asset History Inquiry Screens for all depreciation, transfer and disposal detail, quarterly, annual reports.
  • Reports include:
  Asset Master List   Asset Summary List
  Depreciation Reports   Amortization Schedule
  Yearly Expense Summary   Asset History
  Asset Class list   Disposition / Transfer Reports
  ACRS/MACRS Tables  
  • General search look-up screens attached to virtually all data-entry fields.