ALCiE Automated Distribution

Part of the ALCiE Distribution and Membership Distribution Management product lines.

ALCiE's Automated Distribution module automates enterprise-wide mass distribution and repetitive orders / shipments. Automated Distribution, services Just-In-Time Inventory clients, consolidated multi-customer bulk shipments, and mass delivery of subscribed materials or services. Multiple distribution cycles can be simultaneously in progress for the same or different groups of customers. Shipments and billings of one or more inventory items can be consolidated and produced at the push of a single button. ALCiE's Automated Distribution module is fully integrated with ALCiE's Order Processing and Inventory Management systems.

Partial list of standard features:

  • Define repeat order lines (demands) for each customer, by item or item categories.
  • Define delivery quantities by customer ship-to location and ship-via method.
  • Define start and end dates.
  • Open as many distribution cycles as desired and select items to be shipped for each distribution.
  • System automatically generates orders and order lines according to all predefined demands for all customers.
  • Generated ship lines can be reviewed and adjusted on one screen across all customers.
  • Automatic generation can be selectively reversed if item scheduled for shipping is changed or cancelled.
  • A master pick-ticket report for each shipping item across all customers is available at any time.
  • Alternatively, print individual pick-tickets on a per-customer order basis.
  • Automated order line generation supports all standard ALCiE order processing and inventory features - such as multiple pricing and discount rules and customer credit checking.
  • Define Inventory item as a "subscription" and manage mass delivery of subscribed material.
  • Subscription records specify delivery quantities for each customer destination according to each mode of shipment.
  • Subscriptions can be set up to start and stop at any time.
  • Multiple subscriptions can be consolidated onto a single distribution and shipment.
  • Renewal notifications and invoices for the subscriptions themselves are generated automatically.
  • Extensive number of reports and screens provided for effective set-up and management of customer groups, inventory groups, and associated distribution demand records.
  • Fully integrated with ALCiE Inventory Management and Order Processing modules.
  • Automatically generated orders/invoices can be manually adjusted using ALCiE's standard Order Processing module.
  • General search look-up screens attached to virtually all data-entry fields.