ALCiE Accounts Receivable

Part of the ALCiE Financials and Membership Distribution Management product lines.

ALCiE A/R is a multi-purpose enterprise Accounts Receivable Application. Its features include Cash Receipts, Recurring Transactions, Finance Charges, Debit/Credit Processing and includes an embedded Invoicing subsystem. It supports multiple A/R sub-ledgers, banks and currencies, inter-company transactions and multiple ship-to addresses per customer account. ALCiE A/R provides an Import function for automated loading of transactions generated by third-party or other in-house billing systems. In addition, ALCiE's Accounts Receivable module provides enterprise-wide functionality with detailed immediate customer inquiries and instant access to extensive credit and payment information.

Partial list of standard features:

  • Direct entry, debit, credit and sales transactions with optional invoice printing.
  • Recurring charges with user defined billing codes.
  • Inter-company debit, credit and sales transactions.
  • Easy entry of cash receipts; including allocation to specific invoices, allowances and unapplied credits
  • General Import of A/R transactions generated by any external non-ALCiE subsystem.
  • Self-contained 'free-form' invoicing facility.
  • Extensive Sales Analysis Reports.
  • On-line account inquiry with aging, remaining credit, open balances and detail transaction history.
  • Customer adjustments with edit and journal reports.
  • All transaction detail retained as long as required.
  • Age Analysis Reports may be either detailed or summarized by customer or salesperson and sorted by name or number.
  • Customer Statements may be printed by user-defined frequency as often as required, with minimum balance selection options.
  • Salesperson commission reporting in detail or summary.
  • Salesperson, stocking location, FOB, freight billing, territory, tax entity, service charges, ship via, zone, region and terms codes are stored in easy to access tables, shared with other modules eliminating duplicate setup.
  • Automatic calculation of due date and discount dates based on customers' terms.
  • Unlimited Tax entities based on customer “ship to” allow separate tax calculations for federal, state, provincial and other taxes.
  • Automatic generation of multi-level service charges on delinquent accounts.
  • Up to 98 subsidiary ledgers each with their own general ledger control accounts
  • Integrated with General Ledger, Sales Order and Invoicing, and Project Management.
  • Credit hold-processing interface to Order Entry.
  • Virtually unlimited ship-to addresses for each customer when ALCiE Order Entry installed.
  • Controls posting to open periods.
  • Easy entry of opening balances.
  • Prints invoices. Item/Services table provided in lieu of Inventory, for item/services frequently billed.
  • Customer-specific commission and price-rule priority control for use when ALCiE Order Processing is installed.
  • General search look-up screens attached to virtually all data-entry fields.