Top 10 Avantages d'ALCiE

(NB: le texte est en anglais)

BEST FIT: Your company is unique and dynamic, and you want a business system that can adapt to this reality, to help you reach your goals (improve performance, gain competitive edge, increase profits, etc.). We understand this and make it our mission to fit ALCiE to your operations, not the other way around, so that the software truly fits your business.

AFFORDABLE: ALCiE software solutions are ideal for your growing business because of their low cost, enabling you to invest more in other crucial areas of your operations. ALCiE enterprise-level software (for larger organizations) is among the lowest in cost in its class. Whatever your budget, there is an ALCiE solution that is right for you.

ASTOUNDING ROI: With an ALCiE best-fit solution, our customers have realized excellent to astounding ROI (Return On Investment), achieving tens of thousands of dollars in annual cost savings or raising millions in revenues.

INTEGRATED AND SHARED DATA: Many may claim, but few can demonstrate a truly integrated system. All ALCiE suites and modules (Financial, Distribution, Project, etc.) are fully integrated with each other and share data seamlessly. You never have to enter the same information twice.

GROWTH AND SCALABILITY: If your company is a small or mid-sized business with potential to grow, then ALCiE is there to help you grow your business. Start with what you need now; add more functionality and more users when, and only when, you need to.

EXCEPTIONAL RELIABILITY: Running ALCiE on Oracle® means never losing valuable database information as a result of dropped connections, power outages or system crashes.

GLOBAL ACCESSIBILITY: Connect to your ALCiE system from anywhere in the world. Optional if you're on vacation...

MULTI-LEVEL SECURITY: You don't want just anybody to access your system. With multiple layers of security available, plus an Internal Messaging system, you are secure in the knowledge that your personnel can work and communicate in confidentiality.

OFFICE PRODUCTIVITY: With ALCiE's desktop, create menus that are adapted to your business processes; easily and instantly access frequently-used programs; simultaneously run other office applications; copy and paste information from other applications into ALCiE, and vice versa.

GO GREEN: Minimize, even eliminate, printing. ALCiE provides the capability of saving reports in popular electronic formats (e.g. PDF, HTML etc.), and associating these with any transactions and records in the system. This means you can store invoices, checks and other important documents electronically, rather than in printed form in some filing cabinet. Not only is less paper used, electronic filing makes information instantly retrievable.